About Flying Manta

Aka Jennifer

In August of last year, I took my first wing foiling class by the Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg, Florida with Jonathan at North Beach Windsurfing. Ironically, one year before that, I also took my first windsurfing class with the same exact instructor and at the same exact location. I fell in love with these water sports and the windsurfing community of Tampa bay instantly, and I decided to move out of the land-locked city of Orlando in June of 2021, to live closer to my favorite wing foiling spots in Sarasota, near Lido Key and Anna Maria Island.

Even though I am a full time pediatric nurse and a full time mom, I made it my mission to be out in the ocean practicing several days a week to get better, to just be in my happy place and find peace between all of the chaos of work-family-life balance. Playing in the ocean on a regular bases has helped with that and so much more, I hope to inspire other women, especially other moms to do the same. We should inspire our little ones to live their dreams, by living out our dreams too. Taking time for ourselves to relax, learn something new, challenge ourselves in a fun way, or simply a few minutes to let our creativity wander, can be really hard because we are programmed to give, take care of others, be as nurturing as possible, but if we nurture ourselves first, everything else falls into place.

If you are interested in learning how to wing foil, not sure what it is, or your looking for amazing places in the world to wing foil, then I hope you find this blog inspiring and helpful. I have a little bit of ADD so I will spice things up in here with more than just wing foiling. As a water sports fanatic, I love anything and everything to do with our ocean. From scuba diving, sailing a sunfish or Hobie wave catamaran, paddle boarding, or outrigger canoeing you name it. I have tried it all at some point and hope to inspire others to find their love for the ocean. Whether it be through one of these fun yet challenging water sports, marine life conservation, or simply being able to discover yourself spiritually with the ocean, meditating, and connecting with nature in a unique way to understand the tides, currents, swell and wave patterns. Please let me know what interests you the most and what you would love to see here because this blog is for you, as well as it is for me to conquer my own fears, but that’s a blog post for another day.

Thank you for reading, Aloha 🙂